The Mai

by Marina Carr

March 2016

The John Cooper Studio, Theatre@41, Monkgate

Directed by Jan Kirk


Millie| Beth Sharrock
Robert | Damian Fynes
The Mai | Beryl Nairn
Grandma Fraochlan | Elizabeth Elsworth
Connie | Helen Sant
Beck | Jess Murray
Julie | Sophie Buckley
Agnes | Vivienne Clare

Production Team

Composer | Oliver Mills
Production Assistant | Sandrine Enryd Karlsson
Set Design | Mike Rogers
Set Construction & Decoration | Mike Rogers, Martin Parvin, Jill Maris
Stage Management| Dave Moores with Jill Maris
Costume | Helen Taylor with Maggie Smales
Hair & Makeup | Natalie Heijm with Helen Taylor
Lighting | Graham Sanderson & Edward Dick
Sound | Edward Dick
Production Photography | Michael Oakes & John Saunders
Publicity | Beryl Nairn with Michael Oakes & Sophie Buckley
Publicity Design | Michael Rosser