Leeds born Helen acted with several theatre groups there in diverse roles. The Red Shoes is her second show for Settlement. Helen is a freelance storyteller, who retells ghost stories and folklore. She also loves writing comedies, some of which have appeared at Scriptfactor. 
Helen plays the character of Mags. Mags appears a subservient, middle-aged housekeeper bumbling along with poor vision. Though well-intentioned, the road to Hell is paved with such sentiments.
At first, Mags seems kind, but she’s like someone wrenching the door from you when you’re struggling to open to it, trapping your fingers in the process! Her motives are loving, yet it remains to be seen whether Mags uses sound judgement. She desires to impart colour into Karen’s life but what will be the consequences?
Despite these conflicting aspects, Mags is maternal, magical and more than she seems.