Government Inspector

by Nikolai Gogol in a version by David Harrower

October 2023

The John Cooper Studio, Theatre@41, Monkgate

Directed by Alan Park


Khlestakov | Andrew Roberts
Osip | Paul French Mayor | Mike Hickman
Anna, The Mayor’s Wife | Alison Taylor
Maria | Pearl Mollison
Dobchinsky | Katie Leckey
Bobchinksy | Sonia Di Lorenzo
Judge (Lyapkin Tapkin) | Maggie Smales
Postmaster | Matt Pattison
Head of Hospitals (Zemlyanika) | Mark Simmonds
School Superintendent (Khlopov) | Paul Osborne
Police Superintendent/Shopkeeper | Adam Sowter
Mishka/Shopkeeper | Flo Poskitt
Dr Gibner/Shopkeeper/Locksmith’s Wife | Alexandra Mather

Town band | Jim Paterson, Matt Pattison, Flo Poskitt, Adam Sowter

Production Team

Stage Manager | Leo McCall
Costume | Judith Ireland & Grace Trapps
Set Design & Construction | Richard Hampton & Stephen Palmer
Lighting Design | Adam Kirkwood
Production Liaison & Publicity | Livy Potter
Production Photography | Sarah Ford



“…a cast that puts the emphasis on the ensemble, on comedy teamwork, but with room for individual flair and double-act tomfoolery to shine too.” ★★★★ – Charles Hutch Press

…an utter delight from start to finish. It is totally first class in the quality of the acting and presentation, filled with delicious directorial flourishes and a strong grip on style.” – York Calling